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Access your business information in real time, view the boards with reports and share them with your team.

Inteligencia de negocio

Business Intelligence

Métricas empresariales

Real time data

Análisis de datos

Cryptographic security protocols

Soluciones integrales

Smart enterprise solutions

Magnify allows you to gather all of your relevant information in boards, si it can be properly organized and used to create solutions that will boost your business.

Save time

It takes a few minutes to the platform to organize and display your company’s data, so yo can save time and efforts.

Share your info

Provide access to key team members of your company, so they can make the right decisions. You will be able to visualize who is online at any time.

Integración con SQL y Excel

“Plug and Play” Technology.

Create your account and choose the way you want to consult your data. We are taking care of the integration, so you won’t have to.

SQL and Excel integration

Provides the info you need to follow up.

Billing integration.

Visualize your companies indicators through the analysis of your movements.

Start making decisions based on timely information.

You decide the modality that best suits your company.