Make the most out of your company’s info!

Magnify is an intuitive, easy to use tool that offers great support, providing an outstanding user experience while guaranteeing your information’s safety.


Technology and security
accessible to all companies.

We take care of your system’s integration process.

We extract your system’s information and files, no matter what kind of software you have, or your business scope: points of sale, SAT, Excel, you name it.

With our business intelligence solutions we give you the reports you really need.

Our technology allow us to collect, store and process all data generated by your company, showing it on an agile way, which is displayed in boards for a better understanding during the decision making process.

The most important thing in a business intelligence system is always security.

Your company’s data is being encrypted into our databases, so only authorized users will be allowed to access. In order to avoid unwanted access from unauthorized users due to breach of authentication protocols, all of our reports can only be accessed through an authentication app with QR technology.

Promote an information sharing culture for a better decision making process within your team.

It allows your teammates visualize the information they need for making the right decisions, and you will always know who’s online. You can grant or restrict your information’s access to team members, investers and future clients as you wish.


A better outlook of your business

Upper management-oriented financial reports

By analyzing your invoicing data, we produce a report that will give you valuable insights regarding your company’s financial standing, improving your strategic decision making process and planning.

Visualize reports on important subjects:

Income-outcome analysis, balance, average purchases, historical data from previous years, etc.


Get to know your clients

Agile reporting

Study your clients behaviors and patterns, and use this data to boost your sales.

Visualize reports on important subjects:

Who is your best client, new client percentage, average payment timing per client, repurchase, etc.


Know your product

Improve your product

Obtain valuable insights about your products so you can make better decisions that will help you open new markets.

Visualize reports on important subjects:

Product rotation, bestsellers ranking, stock, average purchase and more.

Access your information from any platform

Our boards have been designed to be perfectly viewed from desktop computers, laptops tablets and mobile phones.